Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The princess and the frog

In our front yard there is a water meter box between our house and the neighbors.  I think the first summer we lived in this house we realized a frog was in there.  Ever since then there have been several frogs that have chosen that place as their home.  Well actually I think they are toads, but it's all the same to me.  Right now we have about 4 in there.  Until this summer Ansley would only occasionally go and check on the frogs.  I think she mostly wanted to know they were still there, but now she has adopted them as if they are part of the family.  We "go look at the frogs" just about every day.  She picks one out and holds it, carries it around, and pets it.  She almost always gets peed on at least once, but she doesn't care.  ICK, just thinking about it is gross.  She had it on the swing with us in the backyard the other day and it jumped up against my leg and I acted like the prissy little girl because I shivered and screamed.  HAHA!  They just feel so disgusting.  Ansley is a girl with lots of drama who loves shiny things, talking on the phone, and shoes like any girly girl does.  However, she also loves to climb trees, run around and get sweaty, and play with frogs.  I don't know whether to call her a "tomboy" or not.  Anyway, I have always thought this about Ansley but this situation makes it so much more evident.  I guess I was kinda that way as a young girl too.  I loved being outside, climbing trees and such.  I DID NOT ever like frogs though.  Here are a few pictures of my little princess and her frog.

This was about 2 weeks before Adalynn was born.  Her eyes are closed so because she is showing off her blue eye shadow. 
Here's a little video I did of her playing with her frog the other day.

Of course I have to post a photo of Adalynn.  I don't want her to feel left out. :)
This was on her 2 month biirthday.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

For the parents

     Well summer is over.  I do LOVE summer, but this year I am kinda ready to get back into the routine of "school days".  Ansley started MDO this week.  I have always called MDO school but Ansley insists on me calling it Pre K this year.  :)  A lot of the kids from her class last year are in the other class which made me a little sad.  I think this means Ansley is one of the oldest in her class.  She already thinks she is so "big" so I appreciated her being the younger rather than the oldest of the kids last year.  It will be fine though.  Ansley's teacher Ms. Debbie is awesome and so sweet.  I think her calm spirit will be good for my crazy Ansley.  I hope that a little of Ms. Debbie's calm can wear off on her.  Today was my first day to "teach" music to the MDO kids.  It was a lot of fun and those kids were so sweet.  I'm glad that I see them in 15-20 sessions that way they stay sweet. HA!  It's not really long enough for them to get to cranky.

     Last weekend we went to visit my parents.  While we were there we went to visit my Nanny so she could meet Adalynn.  I think Adalynn is her 13th great grandbaby.  It was fun to go up there.  It had been a while since we'd gotten to visit and as always I enjoy seeing my family.  It still feels like home when we are all together.  Jay, Ansley, and I went riding around "the farm" on the gator.  Jay had never seen all Nanny's land and Ansley has been talking about how she wants to live on a farm when she grows up so we thought it would be fun to explore.  I wished I'd taken my camera with me out on our drive.  Oh well, maybe next time.
Adalynn will be 2 months old this coming Monday.  To me she has gotten so big, but today I had someone ask me if she was a preemie.  She has started holding her head up pretty well and reaching out for things she sees.  The other day she even pulled the rings on her swing to make the music come on.  Isn't she talented. :) Oh those little milestones.  My favorite of her new activities is her smile.  She has started smiling a lot and when you smile at her she will she back.  She also smiles when Jay tickles her.  Love those sweet baby smiles.  Now we just need to start sleeping through the night!  Here is a video of Ansley and I giving Adalynn a bath...she was all smiles!