Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A new look :)

This blog is so titled because my family not only has a new look but this blog page is apparently going to have a new look because my background says it disappearing on Friday.  So, a new look it is. :)

It has been just over week since we had our baby girl, Adalynn.  She is beautiful of course and we feel absolutely graced by God to have her join us on our journey.  There are so many things to say that I'm not sure where to start.  I was almost shocked to see how much Adalynn looks like Ansley did when she was a baby.  It is almost like de ja vu but Adalynn was 3 inches shorter than Ansley.  I'm super impressed with how my 4 year old is handling everything so far.  I just hope it continues this way.  Ansley loves being a big sister and wants to help however she can.  She has even done really well staying semi quiet for her little sister, and anyone who knows my crazy kid knows what a feat that is.

I also have been given such a gift in my husband, Jay.  He is such a servant and so sensitive to the needs of his family.  I can not say enough about how thankful and incredibly blessed I am by him.  I just hope and pray that I am doing well at loving him too.

Yesterday was really the first full day of life as it will now be.  Jay was at work and I was at home with the girls by myself for the first time since Adalynn was born.  We did pretty good most of the day.  Ansley had a play date with her friend Victoria.  Thanks again Nicole!  But by evening I was exhausted still.  Adalynn had gone down for a nap and Ansley asked me to play "door" (a game that is a Jay Reed original) I just started crying because I REALLY didn't want to play "door" but I felt like I should take this time to spend with Ansley since I could.  When I stated crying Ansley just said I'll just go see whats on tv in the living room.  AWWW how sad. Luckily Jay came home just a few minutes later because God won't give you more than you can handle. :)  He played play doh with Ansley and I laid down for a few minutes until Adalynn's next feeding.

So my life has a beautiful new look.  My sleeping patterns do too, but I will continue to count my many blessings because God is so good, He's so good to me!