Thursday, May 27, 2010

short story

Sometimes, I underestimate the mind of children.  I really try not to because I learned a long time ago they are smarter than we give them credit for (even as infants), but still I'm amazed at what my child (and other kids too) says sometimes.
     Jay, Ansley, and I were on our way to the track as we have done a lot this spring/summer.  Jay was going to run of course while Ansley and I were gonna walk.  Anyway, out of nowhere Ansley asks, "Mom, why doesn't the track have a mailbox".  So in all my wisdom I said because no one lives here.  Without any hesitation at all she replies, "no one lives at the church".   I mean come on that is some serious quick thinking.  I just said back to her, "you are so right" and had to laugh.  Then of course Jay tells her that people work at the church and they send mail there and yada yada yada.  Obviously she had noticed at some point that the church has a mailbox and the entire block where the track is does not.  But it just had me amazed first of all at the random question and then how quickly she responded.  I have a feeling that this ability to think so quick on her feet will not be as astonishing when I am trying to discuss curfew (and other similar topics) with a teenager in a few years.  But for now I am going to marvel at God's precious creation that He is allowing me to parent and thank Him for His goodness in our lives.  

This picture is from a month or two  ago.  If you notice her arms she is pretending to be holding the reins of a horse.  I think she thinks that it makes her faster.  She runs with Jay on his warm up and cool down laps.  

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Splash Day

   Ansley had her last day of MDO for the year.  She had a great class this year, and I think she will miss getting to see Ms. Kayla's and her friends.  Since MDO is at the church I'm not sure she comprehends that MDO is over because we are at the church all the time.  I bet next week she'll be asking when she gets to go to Ms. Kayla's class though, because that usually happens at least once a weekend already.  The MDO teachers always send home a scrapbook of the year, which are always SOO cute.  It was funny to see how different Ansley looked this year, mostly because at the beginning of the year her hair was really long.
(this video is from the week after Thanksgiving and you can see how long her hair is!)

   I will miss getting to talk to her teacher about our pregnancy adventures because our due dates are like a week apart.  Two other moms of Ansley's classmates are pregnant also.  I love having people to talk to about it that you know aren't thinking in the back of their mind... I really don't care about your pregnancy stories. HA!
  Anyway, I am trying to motivate myself to have a "learning time" throughout the summer with Ansley.  Well more convince myself that she will cooperate than motivate myself.  She is doing well with sounding out words and writing her name but we still have lots of practice to do too.  I know she likes doing those things in class but will she let mom be the teacher is the big question.
   In other news, Ansley is doing well on her quest to sleep through the night without pull ups and not wetting the bed.  She is not a fan of pull ups anymore (which is good) but this meant a lot of changing sheets for a while, but she is doing a lot better (not perfect, but better).  And lastly, 2 more months until Adalynn's arrival.  I think we decided to induce the middle of July because my doctor is planning on being gone and since Ansley was a week early she mentioned having the baby the middle of my 38th week.  So, thats the plan and we will see what happens.
              Enjoy some pictures of Ms. Kayla's class and splash day.