Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happenings lately

     Well it's been a rough few weeks at the Reed house.  I feel like we've been sick since the weekend before Valentine's Day.  But I think we are pulling through.  Ansley had strep throat.  I used to get that all the time as a kid.  It looks like maybe my kids will too.  Adalynn had her first ear infection and man was it MEAN! My baby that rarely cries except to say "come get me" would just cry and cry and I had no idea what to do for her.  I guess she just hurt.  Very little sleep happened for about a week.  But now we are on the other side of it, hopefully, and we can resume life as normal.  I felt like maybe it was initiation to being a 2 child family or something because it had been years since someone in our house ran fever then all of a sudden one of us had fever for like 2 weeks straight.
     If you know me, you know I am not a runner!  I've never been, but the girls from my Sunday school class were going to participate in a 5k that raises money for autism.  Several of them were walking so I said I'm in because I can walk forever (almost) :).  But a couple girls started a couch to 5k plan and I figured if ever I'm gonna do it, now is the time.  So I've been running (well my interpretation of running) for about a month and a half.  This past week we kinda ditched the plan and created our own, but we'll get there eventually.  Before we started this I was trying to remember the last time I ran on real ground.  We have an elliptical machine so I've run on that a few times but I really could not remember the last time I ran on real earth. HA!!  The first week you only run 60 seconds at a time.  My first time out there I told my friend, I'm cheating, I gotta stop.  HA! I mean one minute seems forever when you're running.   Don't worry she didn't let me stop and now I'm up to running for 10 minutes and then walking a few and then running some more.  But I know all of you marathon runners out there are having a good laugh at my expense.  But, it's totally fine I'm just saying it's hard! :)
Nanny, my mom, and me at Adalynn's baby shower.
     Some not so good news is that this week we found out my Nanny has a cancerous brain tumor.  They were going to remove it Tuesday, but the family decided to take Nanny to a specialist in Dallas before any decisions were made.  She will be seeing the doctor in Dallas on Wednesday.  I am so lucky to have come from a family where everyone knows the Lord and I know the prayers of my Nanny have so much to do with that.  She and my Papaw, when He was still with us, were intentional in letting me and my cousins know about God and the importance of following Him and their legacy to our family is definitely to live a life like Christ.  So obviously, my Nanny is a very special woman.  Our family would appreciate your prayers for her and for the family as we walk through this.
Me with Nanny at their house when I was about 4

     One last thing is I've been trying to decide what to do for Ansley's 5th birthday party.  Plan A is not going to work out so if anyone has any good suggestions we are looking for a plan B.  She is pretty good about being up for whatever, but she definitely has been trying out her own skills as a little party planner.  :)  The problem is she changes plans about every 3 hours.  HA!  
     It had been a while so I felt the need to update so there is a whole lot of un-related information about my life this past month. :)  Hope you friends are doing well!