Monday, September 22, 2014


     The number seven, in the bible, represents completion or perfection.  I guess God decided that is was the perfect number of years for our ministry in Taylor.  In just a week, our time here will be completed.  I am so sad, but I am also so grateful to have been part of this community for as long as we were.  I think the stats show that youth ministers stay, on average, 2 or 3 years in one place.  Even though I was secretly hoping we could live here forever, I am SO grateful that we got 7 years.  Like I mentioned yesterday on Facebook, I think it has a lot to do with the fact that Jay was allowed to have the freedom to make some changes and do things a little differently to suit how God wired him to do ministry.
    Taylor has been so good to us.  I absolutely love the generational worship that happens at FBC Taylor.  My family is loved and supported tangibly by people of all ages.  That is a huge blessing that has not been taken for granted.  To have other like minded adults, teens, and kids come alongside me and Jay as we try to raise our girls to know, love, and serve the Lord has meant the world to me.  My girls love their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, but 4 and half hours is the shortest distance between us and any of them.  To have people here take us in as family has meant the world to us.
     I also appreciate and respect our pastor, Matt Hudson, and his family.  I have had the privilege to sit under the teaching of both Matt and Penni.  They are so wise, and humbly serve the Lord through the holy spirit in them.  I think it is such a testimony of how they listen and obey the spirit by how God was stirring this "missional" mindset in their hearts the same time he was moving this idea into the hearts of Christians leaders across the nation and especially in our part of Texas.  Matt and Penni spent time in Portugal as missionaries and felt God calling them to apply this mission idea to the local body of believers in America.  They will be greatly missed.  Nelly (their dachshund) will be greatly missed too. ;)
     I know no church is perfect, and we have faced our trials.  But we have sought the Lord, and I feel the love is greater because we have persevered together.  I pray that if there are still those not on board with the direction God is leading, that they begin to see the beauty of how God is moving in a fresh new way here in Taylor.  I pray they jump on board and live life surrendered to God and serve him wherever they find themselves: in the store, at work, in the yard, at the table, etc…
     We have so many great friends who have done so much for us through the years, but I wanted to love on the Kovars.  Debbie was our realtor when we first moved here.  She showed us probably 100 homes. LOL! I'm sure that was torture, but in the process she became one of our very first friends.  We had been here a couple weeks, maybe, and we left our 15 month old with her so Jay and I could go to a football game.  People at the game were asking, "where is your daughter?"  We said with Debbie, our realtor.  :)  They were just here yesterday helping us pack up.  Me and Debbie packed the kitchen.  Pat and Jay took the trampoline apart and got the heavy stuff out of our attic.  From beginning to end they have been friends who will go the extra mile to make you feel loved and help take care of you in your time of need.  Thank you guys!  We love you!
     Thank you to all of our friends, teachers, students, mentors, and volunteers who have made this such a great place to be.  We will continue to pray for you all, and ask your continued prayers and support as we make this transition.
                                                         A few picture memories :)
Ansley and Kate 

Look at these babies…All graduated now.

OCC box wrapping

Camryn and Ansley… stinkers
Hostess at Adalynn's baby shower
Katie and  Adalynn

Jay in Haiti playing angry birds with the boys

Ansley turns 7

My dream came true to be pregnant with friends the 2nd time around.

Babies are captivating :)
Adalynn just chillin with Mylik
Dnow 2014