Tuesday, January 25, 2011

EEW, Cockroaches

     So I updated my status yesterday on facebook about my disdain for cockroaches and I thought I should tell the whole disgusting story.
     The family was in the church office, a likely place to find someone in the Reed family.  However, this time it was so I could print some stuff off for my Tx State class.  Adalynn stayed in her car seat for pretty much the whole time.  We sat her seat on the floor while I was at Jay's computer.  Then I carried the seat into the workroom and sat her back on the floor while I got my printouts and punched holes in them.  Then Jay was helping our friend (and church secretary) with a paper she was writing for her Temple college class.  While he was doing that I sat down and had Adalynn (still in her car seat) sitting on my lap where we were face to face.  I was just sweet talking to the baby like everyone does when they see that precious face and all of a sudden out crawls this cockroach from behind her back.  It was like she was sitting on it and then it decided to make itself known.  AHHHH I'm kinda dying all over again.  So, aanyway, the cockroach crawls up onto the side of the car seat on the warning sticker that is right next to her face, literally like an inch away from her face.  I didn't exactly throw the car seat out of my lap, but I didn't set it down gently either.  Then I flailed my arms and said, "get it out, get it out, get it out!"  I look at my sweet baby and she has that puckered lip and a whimper as if to say, mom you're freaking me out.  What is the problem?  Jay came to my rescue... my big, strong, cockroach killing man! :)  Then everyone took a sigh of relief because I had made everyone panic.  Adalynn finally was taken out of her seat at this point. HA!  I really am not that way about anything else, but cockroaches are my arch-nemesis.
     I could tell you the whole back story as to why my hatred for cockroaches is so deep, but I realize no one really cares.  I was just thinking that it is a good thing I am not a superhero like in Batman Begins when he has to face his fear of bats by being surrounded  by them...I couldn't do it.  Sorry Gotham City. :)
I'll post of pic of my sweet baby in her car seat so you can see that sticker and fully visualize the whole disturbing scene. This photo was taken by Ansley when Adalynn was like 2 months old, but you get the idea.