Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just what I needed

       Well, the holiday season is coming to a close and secretly I am relieved. :)  This past week was a crazy one, but that will make it a Christmas I am not soon to forget.  First of all we left all our presents at the house so no one has received a gift from us yet.  But I'm trying to move on past that frustration so next, it almost never snows in Wichita Falls.  If it does it rarely sticks and accumulates but this Christmas Eve was a SNOWY one.  I think they got 8-10 inches of snow.  Therefore, traveling was a huge hazard and even impossible at some points.  They closed the highway between my parents house and my Nanny's house so I didn't get to see the family like I have done for the past 27 Christmas Eve's.  Driving to Clovis took a really long time too, but what can you do but just try to be patient and pray for safety.  Which God obviously graced us with since I am here to tell the story. :)  Despite all that it was a nice Christmas week, exhausting YES but all things considered it was good.
     To change the subject totally, last night I was thinking a lot about how much this new baby is going to cost.  I got the first bill in the mail for the blood work they do on the very first appointment.  Our insurance was better when we had Ansley, not to mention we didn't pay for insurance because our church did.  Anyway, I started feeling very overwhelmed and I said to the Lord.  I know you are God in Heaven and own the cattle on a thousand hills, but I am here in Taylor Texas wondering how this is all gonna work out.  Guess what He did today!  In my time with him it was all about God's providence, which was defined as God's provision for people's needs.  I mean what kind of timing was that?!  One of the verses from the lesson that I decided to claim during this time of change in our lives is  Phil. 4:19.  It says, "And my God is able to meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus."  AMEN!
       Now, for a cute Ansley story.  Yesterday we were watching one of the Hermie videos that Jay's parents got her for Christmas.  The catepillars were praying to God and God spoke back.  Ansley said, "I didn't know God could talk.  I can't hear him....see."  I told her about how we can't actually hear God, but he speaks to us.  He speaks to us through the bible, and in our hearts.  I told her you know the feeling in your heart when you know right from wrong, that is God speaking to you, and that God could also speak to us through things other people say to us sometimes.  Then she somehow starting talking about Jesus.  She said that one time she went to her grandpa's house (the stories about "grandpa" is a whole other story) and Jesus was there.  I said, "REALLY!" She said, "Yes, he was REALLY there."  I told her if Jesus came back he better take me with him as I kinda laughed.  She said. "You were there too, Mom."  HA!  Oh good, I wouldn't have wanted to miss that.  :)    She is so silly.  Right now she is taking a nap and she got her bible out and put it in bed with her.  She said, "I need my bible so I can read about Jesus."  I said, "good idea!"  :)  That little three year old mind sure is entertaining.

       This one and the one up top is from the WF Blizzard of 09 :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

That CVS card from a couple weeks ago

       Back when Ansley had pink eye I took her prescription to CVS, remember, to get the free $25 gift card.  So now I should tell the world, because I promised, the story about that.  When I got the card I used it immediately on toothpaste, crest Pro Health to be specific, and a pregnancy test.  Jay and I had been trying for a while to have another kid, but we really were happy with just the one we had.  It had been a year but we said we would give it until the end of 09 to make any further decisions on the subject.  I was late, but for some reason I always feel like there is no way I'm pregnant.  I remember feeling that way the first time too.  But sure enough I got home and took the test to find a positive result.  I was excited but still felt like, well, ok, what do I do now? HA! That was right before Thanksgiving and we weren't going to tell anyone until Christmas, but obviously that didn't work out.  :)  It is hard to keep good news to yourself.
       We wanted to tell Ansley first so she would know what everyone was talking about.  She is also the one who told my parents and Jay's parents.  I think she is ok with the idea, but sometimes I think she is not so sure about all this new baby stuff.  She is pretty funny though.  She asked if we could call the baby coconut the other day.  We told her that could be her nickname for the baby.  I was feeling kinda sick one day and she asked why.  I told her when mommies have babies in their bellies it makes them feel a little sick sometimes.  She said, "Then take it out".  HA!  Just this morning she asked me if the baby was still in there.  When I said yes she said the baby must not be done growing yet.  :)  RIGHT!
       I am about 9 weeks now so I still have a long way to go.  To Ansley the end of July is like an eternity away.  This pregnancy so far has been very different from the first one.  With Ansley I didn't feel sick at all, expect for one day I took my vitamin without eating first.  But this past week I have had a lot of sickness.  Mostly, just the feeling not actually getting sick, thank goodness.  Jay, Ansley, and I are very excited about the new member of the family and would love to be remembered in your prayers during this transition time in our lives.  I'm sure there will be lots more baby Reed news in the future.