Monday, December 20, 2010


Adalynn has started eating "food".  I tried to be like every other American mother this time and start with rice cereal.  She wasn't a fan.  By this I mean that after the third or fourth bite she would start crying at me. So I decided to fall back on the trusty Secrets of the Baby Whisperer book plan.  I followed this book with Ansley and everything went well so I thought, forget the cereal bring me the pears.  Adalynn loved the pears.  By this I mean she smiles and starts giggling when I put her in her chair.
Eating her first cereal

On the subject of food...
December is just killer when it comes to trying to eat healthy.  Our family by no means qualify as health nuts but we do try to pay attention and eat more good than bad.  Since Jay works at church people are always bringing goodies up there this time of year.  Also Ansley brought a whole bunch of stuff home from her last week at MDO before the holidays.  I didn't realize how much the sweets had taken over until two days ago when Ansley kept saying her tummy hurt.  Turns out after a couple of trips to the bathroom she felt much better. HA!  Eating lots of sweets has always been rough on her.  And "lots of sweets" for Ansley is not much in comparison to most people.  She has just had about three days where she had eaten about 3 cookies a day.  She really doesn't eat "treats" a lot.  She does eat pop tarts and have peanut butter and jelly like every other day but cookies, candy, and such are rarities.  Now with Ansley not eating as much it means that more of it is staring at me all day.  I guess thats why someone decided we needed to make New Years resolutions after the holidays.  :)